Food and Drink


The local non alcoholic drink of choice is "iced coffee", sort of like a coffee milkshake (usually with ice cream as well as milk). This can be obtained in most coffee shops and delis either already prepared in cartons (300ml, 600ml, 1 litre) or made while you wait.

The local brewery is Cooper's, who make a selection of ales. The beers of the larger national breweries are also available if you need to have a Foster's, but the locals probably won't be drinking it. There is a "pub" (The Strathmore Hotel) opposite the Convention Centre.

Adelaide is the wine capital of Australia with a large number of wineries around the city, the Barossa and Eden Valleys to the north of the city is the largest area (white wine in the Eden Valley and Shiraz dominates the Barossa) and McLaren Vale to the south. There is a tourist train (The Barossa Wine Train) that visits the Barossa Valley three times a week.


In Australia lunch is normally a light meal, often sandwiches or baguettes (although working lunches in restaurants can stretch on for hours so if you are in a hurry tell the waiting staff, this also applies for dinner, and ask for the bill when you want to leave). Note that a tuna salad sandwich contains tuna and salad (ie tomato, lettuce, etc) and is not like tuna salad in the US :-)

There are fast food places in Hindley Street, such as Pizza Hut, Subway and McDonalds, if you need a junk food fix.


The two closest supermarkets are Woolworths in Rundle Mall and Coles near the Hilton and the Central Market. Coles is larger and has a greater variety of goods (there are also some asian supermarkets near the Central Market). The Central Market (a retail produce market) is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


The major restaurant areas in Adelaide are the East End (Rundle Street) and Gouger Street although there are a number of restaurants near to the Convention Centre in Bank, Leigh and Hindley Streets.

Tipping is not expected in Australia but if you are in a large group it is normal (although not required) to round up the bill.

While many restaurants will have vegetarian options on the menu there are some restaurants that specialise in vegetarian dishes.

The following lists are a limited selection of the restaurants available.

West End

East End (Rundle Street)

Gouger Street