IETF Terminal Room


The IETF terminal room(s) is located in meeting rooms 1&2 and 3 in the Adelaide Convention Centre. Meeting rooms 1&2 contain ethernet drops and the helpdesk while meeting room 3 contains desktop systems. There are various wireless access points spread throughout the convention centre. The terminal room should be open from midday on Sunday until midday on Friday.


The IETF terminal room is connected to's (Connect) national ATM network via a GigaEthernet link provided by AAPT from the PABX room (in the basement) to the Adelaide POP. The actual terminal room, and the various switches around the facility are connected back to the PABX via FastEthernet over the centre's cabling plant. The PABX room also houses a (transparent) web cache (cisco CacheEngine).

Local LANs

There are two local LANs in order to separate the wireless traffic from the MBONE (ie MBONE is not available on the wireless LAN).


Approximately 40 desktop systems will be available in meeting room 3.

Ethernet Drops

Approximately 80 ethernet drops will be available in meeting room 1&2 with additional ethernet drops in the various meeting rooms.


The wireless LAN is based on 802.11b DS 11Mbps supplied by Lucent. PC cards (silver version) may be purchased on site from Lucent for AU$276.36 or loaned for the duration of the meeting (credit card imprint bond). Drivers for a number of popular laptop systems are available from Lucent's web site.


There are three laser printers within the terminal rooms, two plain paper printers (called "desktop" and "main") and one transparency printer (called "plastic"). "desktop" will be located in the desktop terminal room (meeting room 3) while the other two printers will be in the main terminal room (meeting room 1&2).

All the paper and transparencies will be A4 format.

Address Space


The IPv4 address space in use will be


The IPv6 address space in use is from Connect's subTLA assignment. We have subassigned 2001:210:1::/48 to the IETF meeting.

Requesting Static Assignment

As there are two LANs you must specify which LAN you wish to use when requesting a statically assigned IPv4 address. You may request one of each if you are planning on connecting to both networks at some stage and require a fixed IP for security purposes.

A form to request a static IP from the address pools will be available soon.

Document Depository

The RFCs and Internet Drafts are not strictly held on site, rather they are cached by the web cache.